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Thank you for considering EasySpeak to host your party! The way it works is incredibly simple, I've done tons of parties and my goal is to make it the easiest on you that way you're able to enjoy yourselves!

We don't charge anything for the space as long as food and drinks are being purchased. For food it cost $20-$24 per person depending how many people and what day it falls on.

As far as cocktails go, depending on how You choose to do this there's a few options. You can do "open bar" where everyone can get whatever they want on your tab.

Or we could do drink tickets, you pre purchase X amount of drink tickets then if people decide to continue drinking they begin their own tabs.

Then the last option would be to not Include any alcohol and everyone purchased their own!

We require a deposit of 50% to hold on to the date! Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to text or call me at the number below!

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